Do barbecue restaurants hurt the environment worse than other types of restaurants?



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    Not necessarily. Although barbecue restaurants release a great deal of toxins in the form of smokes, etc., from their grills, it is hard to say generically which “type” of restaurant affects the environment the most. Water usage, waste, and energy usage are all quite high in the restaurant industry, but each of these can vary dramatically from one place to the next. So a bbq facility that may emit smoke could potentially use less water and energy than a location that doesn’t emit smoke.

    In short, it is better to patronize restaurants that are known for using green practices (less energy, water, and source from local products for example), and not necessarily chose the restaurant for eco-purposes based on the type of food they serve.

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    I agree with Ariel’s response, although I would like to point out that any restaurant that revolves around large portions of meat is more likely to be doing large amounts of harm to the environment that is more focused on smaller portions and less meat.

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