Do automotive electric Conversion Kits work?



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    Yes, the majority of conversions are “home brew” types that are converted at home. This type of conversion can be made successfully and typically uses a DC controller and DC motor. Also, they use different types of batteries such as Marine deep-cycle lead-acid batteries, golf-cart batteries, or high-performance sealed batteries. The article below has detailed instructions on how an electric conversion works.

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    Yes, electric conversion kits really do work. These improvements made to existing vehicles allow them to attain ratings upwards of 100 mpg. They work by allowing the vehicles to be plugged into a 120 volt outlet for a period of time to charge the electric battery. The car is then powered by this battery until it runs out of charge, at which point the backup gasoline engine kicks in. For short trips, then, the car can run strictly off of the electric battery before returning home again for a period of recharging.

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    Yes, in fact, they really do work. They improved in the vehicles to allow them to keep ratings up of 100 mpg. Exxactly what Emcey said.

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