Do australians eat kangaroo?



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    Yes they do. In fact, they believe that eating kangaroos is better for the environment. Unlike cattle and sheep, which are ruminants, kangaroos produce very little methane gas, so farming and eating them would produce fewer greenhouse gasses than cow and sheep farming does.

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    Kangaroo’s in Australia are kind of like deer in America.  They are a nuisance to people and farmers alike, but a beloved creature nonetheless by others.  Just like deer in America, kangaroos are also eaten by Australians.  There have actually been recent studies done that eating kangaroo is better for the environment than eating all of the farm raised animals that the world has because the themselves produce less emissions than most other animals.

    Personally, I have actually eaten kangaroo.  My mom thought it would be fun to have a wild game party and found a company that exports all sorts of rare animals for food.  We had kangaroo, rattlesnake, i think buffalo, and some other strange animal.  The kangaroo was by far the best.  It was kind of like a cross between chicken and beef.

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