Do asians live longer than Americans?



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         Yes and no;it depends on the country. On the CIA World Factbook‘s life expectancy list, four out of the top five longest-lived places are in Asia. Macau is first, with an average life expectancy of 84.6 years. Japan (82.12 years) is third, followed by Singapore (81.98 years) and Hong Kong (81.86 years). On the other hand, Laos (56.57 years) ranked 193rd out of 225, the lowest ranked non-African country. Of the other Asian countries, China (73.47 years) is at 108, India (66.09 years) at 161, South Korea (78.72 years) is 40 and Indonesia (70.76 years) is 137. For comparison, the United States is number 49, with 78.11 years. The average life expectancy for the entire world is 66.12 years.  

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