Do any stores sell electric car batteries yet?



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    I know there are individuals who will do conversions and more than likely sell lithium ion batteries, too. As for specific stores just selling the batteries individually I can’t say. Dealerships who sell electric cars could obtain something like that. I have also heard of people making their own lithium ion battery packs but it sounds a bit dubious.  

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    As far as I can tell, not yet. With electric car design, manufacturing, and distribution sill in their infancy, it is unlikely that these batteries will be readily available outside of dealerships any time soon. Another factor affecting battery availability is that fact that the current makers of electric car models are designing the batteries, wiring, and monitoring systems in house. The consequence is that there is not yet an industry standard battery system like there is for gas powered cars. This is unlikely to change in the near future because of the financial benefits of forcing customers to use one specific battery product.

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