Do any other countries have as high of obesity rates as us?



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    The United States has the highest percentage in the entire world at 30.6% of the population classified as obese. Mexico is pretty close behind at 24.2%, then followed by the UK at 23%.

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    Everyone always talks about how high the obesity rate is in the United States compared to all other countries.  And while we are the most obese country in the world, many other country’s statistics.  While 30.6% of adults in the US are obese, Mexico and the UK are not far behind, coming in at 24.2% and 23%, respectively.  

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    Obesity rates are going up in Australia too. 

    • “overall 32.6% of adults were reported as overweight in 2004–05
    • 40.5% of males and 24.9% of females were overweight
    • overall 16.4% of adults were reported as obese in 2004–05
    • 17.8% of males and 15.1% of females were obese.”
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