Do any animals other than bats and dolphins navigate by sonar?



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    Yes, oilbirds and some species of swiftlet are known to use a form of echolocation. However, it is considerably weaker than the sonar used bats and dolphins. These nocturnal birds emit calls while flying and use the calls to navigate through trees and caves where they live. A terrestrial mammal called the shrew also uses sonar, however, unlike bats, they only use it to investigate their habitat rather than to pinpoint food.

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    In addition to bats and like dolphins, whales also use a natural sonar system to identify objects and food. Shrews also use a form of sonar which helps them to manage through cluttered areas. But the shrew’s is much slower by comparison and are confined to the audible range, at frequencies of 5-8 kHz, but it’s good enough for them to tell which tunnels are closed and which are open in utter darkness

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