Do any oil companies have a good track record on environmental issues?



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    To many the best oil company with a considerate environmental record is Sunoco.

    Sunoco has a decent sustainability rating which has helped them reduce there overall greenhouse gas emissions in the refinement process. The fact that its headquarters is right here on American soil would help it’s costs and environmental costs in transportation. The black mark on its record are its oil spills. For a small American company it’s had quite a few like the Wildlife Refuge spill back in 2000.
    Sunoco is a part of the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies and the Global Sullivan Principles Signatory as well as the Business Environmental Leadership Council. They have willingly publicized that climate change exists.

    Second place to many sources, against many environmental activists is BP, Beyond Petroleum. (The Sierra Club actually gives it a Dishonorable Mention.) BP takes the cake in investments in renewable energy, environmental PR, climate change, and emissions. BP has supported the Kyoto protocol, has made a CO2 reduction commitment, and is the most transparent on the issue. BP has been recorded to invest over $600 million into pollution control on sites, and is in constant communication with Amnesty International and WWF. In addition they carry a low-sulfur gas, own the largest solar company, have solar powered gas stations, and are a strong member of the California Fuel Cell Partnership (including hydrogen liquid fuel stations).

    However they are no longer part of the Global Climate Coalition and have Clean Air Act violations. Then of course there are the oil spills that didn’t start last year, in 1990 they had one of the largest oil spills (other than Exxon Valdez) on record that released 400,000 gallons of Alaskan crude oil over Orange County California.

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