Do any marine animals use tools?



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    Tool use is defined as To be a tool user, an animal had to modify, carry or manipulate an item that was external to itself before using it to effect some change on the environment. Octopus use tools by picking out rocks to pile around their cave opening to make the entrance smaller and protect themselves.

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    The sea otter uses tools to open its food. They will even pass on knowledge of a particular tool to its offspring. They can prefer one tool or another to crack open its prey. They grab some creature from the bottom sea bed and place their tool in their armpit as they surface. Then using their chest as a table they smash the prey with their tool (sometimes rocks).

    Other interesting behavior is food stealing. Sometimes a male will steal a pup and hold it ransom until the mother gives up some food. Then it will release the pup.

    Most other marine animals lack the appendages to properly utilize tools.

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