Do any evergreen trees shed their needles in the fall?



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    No. By definition evergreen trees keep their leaves all year round. However, there are a number of trees that “look” like evergreens but are, in fact, deciduous. Bald Cypress, Dawn Redwoods, and Mimosa trees, for example, have pinnate needles just like hemlocks and firs, but, unlike hemlocks and firs, are deciduous. Their leaves become bright red and fall off in the autumn.

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    Some evergreens shed some of their needles in fall, but not all the needles. Evergreens are called evergreens because they hold some leaves throughout the year. Those include trees with leaves like English laurel or trees with needles like the Austrian pine.

    But when fall arrives, plenty of evergreens with needles or leaves, shed some of the older interior foliage. This may happen some in spring and summer, but can commonly be seen in fall. Sometimes it manifests itself by the interior of the canopy discoloring yellow, orange or brown.

    Evergreens like pines for example, do not hold foliage forever. Different species have a different needle persistence. Shore pines can hold needles for about 2 years worth: and on 3, 4 or 5 year old parts of the branch, the bark is more or less free of needles. Other pine trees can hold needles for almost 10 years of growth: then after 11 years the 10 year old needles begin to shed.

    This is also an identification key for some conifers.

    Conifer and Evergreen are not synonymous.

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