Do any environmental groups encourage anarchy?



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    Yes, they do.  Environmentalism, even from early on, has been linked with anarchy. (That is not to say that all environmentalists are anarchists or that all environmentalist groups support anarchist views. Neither is true.)

    The first environmentalist group, Earth First!, was radical at the time.  Many members supported and engaged in ecoterrorism.

    Other environmentalist groups that support anarchist views include the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), Earth Liberation Army (ELA), and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF).  These groups are slightly more radical than groups like Earth First!

    Some groups may have members that support different levels of anarchy, but not all members share the same views.  To some, “anarchy” simply means acting out nonviolently against the government or technology companies when they infringe upon peoples’ freedoms.  Many eco-anarchists share negative views of technology.  This mild anarchy ranges to extremist views like those shared by anarcho-primitivists, who reject civilization.

    The biggest influences of eco-anarchists have been works of literature.  The two biggest literary influences are Henry David Thoreau’s Walden and Edward Abbey’s The Monkey Wrench Game.  Both are excellent and worth a read by anyone interested.


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