Do any countries produce significant amount of wind power?



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    Depends on what you mean by significant, but the way I would use “significant,” probably not. The leader in total wind generation of electricity is the US, and that amounts to about 1% of electricity generated. That proportion is larger in smaller countries like Spain, where something like 15% of electricity reportedy comes via wind generation. Possibly that is “significant.”

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    Here is a top 10 list of countries where wind turbines are used (However thi list is actually in no particular order.) 7-10 are actually missing country names, this may be my browser or the fault of the website. But according to the blurbs, they are Denmark, US, Italy, and an unnamed “small country”

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    Denmark reports that about 20% of its electricity is supplied from wind turbines, enough to supply power to 200,000 homes.  I’d say in that context, wind power is a significant source of energy.

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    I found it interesting that west Texas produces as much wind energy as some small countries. Over twice as much as California. Interesting fact since it used to be an oil capital.

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