Do any countries have a carbon tax?



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    The following regions, countries, and municipals have enacted a carbon tax or an equivalent policy to deter excess carbon emissions:

    Sweden: Carbon tax accounting the usage of any carbon-emitting fuel in domestic travel (cars, airplanes).

    Boulder City, Colorado: First U.S. city to enact a carbon tax – a tax on electricity consumption.

    San Francisco Bay Area: The Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the institution that overlooks the air quality of the region, implemented a carbon tax of 4.4 cents per ton, beginning in 2008.

    British Columbia, Canada: Implemented a carbon tax of $10 per tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions (2.41 cents per litre on gasoline). This tax will increase each year until 2012, where it will stand at approximately $30 per tonne.

    New Zealand: New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme, a set of government regulations to reduce carbon emissions, was recently passed into law. One of the policies of the scheme includes fixating a price to greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Carbon taxes of some form are enacted in the following countries:

    New Zealand
    The Netherlands

    Australia and Ireland are considering carbon taxes for the near future. It is possible that more countries are interested in them and are implementing them as well.

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    The United States, under the Obama Administration, is heavily considering instating a Carbon Tax based on the workings of other countries. Follow the link below for the website.

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