Do any countries ban the use of animals as test subjects?



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    Liechtenstein and San Marino are the only countries that have completely banned any kind of research involving animals. It has been estimated that in the rest of the world where animal-based research is legal, 115 million animals were used in scientific research in 2005 alone.

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    Though the ban does not reach all forms of animal testing, on March 11, 2009 the EU enacted a ban on all cosmetic animal testing for the following, “skin irritancy, phototoxicity, corrosivity, percutaneous absorption, genotoxicity, ocular irritancy and acute toxicity.”  This is being hailed as the beginning of a phase-out of animal testing (the majority of which is not used for medicinal purposes), and in 2013, more tests will be outlawed in the European Union cosmetic industry, bringing the use of animals for cosmetic research to a halt in those countries.

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