Do any companies sell vegan athletic shoes?



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    There are many choices for vegan shoes. The shoes in the link below are made entirely without animal-based materials and often feature natural, sustainable materials or man-made synthetics. This means no leathers, furs, wools, or downs are used in favor of using materials such as hemp, canvas and plastics. 

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    One place I would strongly suggest if you also care about the environment is Patagonia.

    They are an awesome organization and rate well in “the Better World Guide” by Ellis Jones (You must look at this book). They have 3 options for men and 3 options for women of vegan gym shoes and I just bought K Specter in that really bright blue and yellow color. I love them.

    I think many more companies make vegan shoes, but at with Patagonia, you know they support justice towards people and the environment.

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