Do any companies offer incentives for carpooling?



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    Yes, definitely. Many companies have instituted carpooling incentives, rewarding employees with things like preferred parking, prepaid gas cards, and cash. The EPA and DOT (Department of Transportation) teamed up to create a voluntary National Standard of Excellence to provide commuters with employer-funded benefits. Select cities even offer group discounts on mass transit fares.

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    Yes, they do, although it was difficult to find company names.  Many large corporations offer incentives for buying a hybrid vehicle (such as Google and Bank of America), and a few have started carpool programs with ride-sharing incentives.  Here are a few I found (from the first link, below):

    • Clif Bar & Co., an organic food and drink company that offers “points” in a larger incentive program
    • Topics Entertainment, an educational learning software company in Seattle, which also established a carpool incentive program
    • ABR Inc., based in Anchorage, Alaska, which actually pays employees $1.75 per day to carpool

    Carpool incentives first were introduced into the U.S. in the 70s, though their popularity waned.  They are supposed to be on the rise today.

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    Somewhat relevant to the question California has actually created incentives for drivers who purchase a Nissan Leaf. The benefits include: a $5,000 tax credit and access to carpooling lanes. Not only are companies offering incentives for carpooling, but so are states.

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