Do any of the car manufacturers have cars that run on natural gas?



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    The only light-duty natural gas vehicle available in the U.S. is the Honda Civic GX. In the realm of public transport this is nothing new, with 12-15% of public bus systems running on natural gas in the U.S. And with tax incentives in place in Utah, there are 5,000 natural gas cars on the roads there. While public buses and trucks have the cheap advantage of natural gas fuel, consumers have few options so hopefully the market will continue to expand.

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    Some familiar car manufacturers like Volkswagen and Toyota sell bi-fuel cars, meaning they run on both gasoline and compressed natural gas. Using natural gas instead of gasoline would drastically change our environment for the better with the decrease of pollution and oil spills. Hopefully this option can be explored further.

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    Although few cars are designed to run on natural gas by the manufacturer, most vehicles that run on gasoline can be modified to run on compressed natural gas.  The biggest obstacle is the fuel tank, which is heavier than a standard gas tank and requires more space in the vehicle.

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