Do any countries restrict using genetically engineered organisms in food?



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    In fact many or most countries currently have approval mechanisms to judge the safety of genetically engineered foods before they are allowed on the market (For example the US, Canada, India, the Philippines, Japan, and the European Union <– not technically a country). The approval process effectively restricts what kinds of genetically modified organisms are allowed into the food supply. The number of countries that have approved the PRODUCTION of genetically modified crops, as opposed to simply their consumption, is more limited. [source 1]

    I don’t know of any country that COMPLETELY bans the consumption of genetically modified foods, which would include most kinds of cheese, which are now made with a protein called rennin produced by genetically modified bacteria. Previously the main source of rennin was extracting it from the stomachs of slaughtered calves. [source 2]

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