Do any areas of the U.S. use water taxis for transportation?



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    Yes, the cities of San Pedro and Santa Barbara in California as well as New York City have forms of water taxis.

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    The United States makes extensive use of water taxi transportation. The State of Washington is know for its encompassing ferry system. Much of it stays within Washington boarders while some of it makes its way up to Canada. The Alaska Marine Highway is a ferry system which transports passengers from Bellingham, Washington to the furthest reaches of Alaska. This ferry system is extremely important because there are no roads connecting parts Alaska with the lower Forty-Eight. Hawaii has just closed their super ferry service which lived up to their name, being some of the quickest ferries in the country. California also has water taxis throughout the Bay Area and Southern California.

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         The city of Boston has several water taxi businesses that serve its waterfront areas.

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