Do ants stings or bee stings hurt more?



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    “Hurt” is rather subjective – what hurts one person may be negligible to another.

    Generally, ants don’t sting; they bite.

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    I agree that not only is pain subjective, but the question would be dependent upon which types of ant bites or which type of bee stings – different types have very different effects.  

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    Also, what contributes to the pain is if a person is allergic to bee stings. If a person is hypersensitive or has a pollen allergy, the bee sting can become life-threatening, leading to severe allergic shock.

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    If we’re including the Bullet ant as a candidate, a South American ant that does sting as opposed to bite, I would put my money on the ant being worse than a bee (unless the person goes into Anaphylactic shock).  The Bullet ant is named so because it’s sting is likened to that of gun shot wound.  They release a toxin in your skin whose pain can last for 24 hours and is rated 4.0+ on the Schmidt Pain Index (the highest rating for pain).  Indigenous peoples even have a right of passage involving making gloves of these ants that boys have to wear for 10 full minutes and can suffer shaking for days afterward. 

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