Do animals turn to cannibalism if food sources are scarce?



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    Unfortunately, polar bears have been found to be turning to cannibalism due to food scarcity as a result of melting ice in the arctic. Polar bears use the ice to get out onto the water and hunt seals. With the lack of ice, they must find new on land food sources. The polar bear has been turning to extreme measures to survive, including cannibalism. The book “Plan B” is an interesting book that explains these things further. The following link is a little bit disturbing, so avoid it if you are sensitive.

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    There are a number of species of animals that are cannibalistic, although not all of them do so because of food scarcity. Most often, it seem that it is a larger, usually male member of the species that attacks a smaller, usually infant individual for food. As mentioned above, polar bears have been seen eating cubs because of lack of food. Komodo dragons are another species that eat their own kind, when larger individuals will feed on young komodo dragons for sustenance in the face of scarcity. Other species, such as crocodiles, kill young as a preemptive measure: the food supply is not yet depleted, but if the young crocodile is allowed to survive into adulthood, the food supply may become unsustainable, and so the young croc is killed and eaten. In many species, including sand tiger sharks and bearded vultures, one young individual will attack, kill and ingest its sibling as a means of staving off competition for food from the mother. This is called siblicide, and is considered a form of cannibalism.

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