Do Animals that mate for life mourned the passing of their mate?



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    There are quite a few animals (other than humans) that exhibit mourning behavior.  There’s a link below to an interesting article about how elephants grieve, via the Animal Planet website.  According to the same article Chimps and Lions also exhibit some grief, but seem to get over it as soon as the body starts to decompose.

    The second link below notes grieving behavior in gorillas, magpies and llamas.

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    Yes, it has been documented that various bird species do this.  Some times animals will literally die of loneliness after their mate dies.  I recall on one nature program a species of bird that tried to revive its mate who was hit by a car by prodding her with his beak.  Sorry I’d write the species if I could remember it.  They were tiny birds with brown feathering.                     

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