Do animals experience grief?



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    Certain animals do show grief for a lost companion. Domestic cats have been known to grieve when there are more than one cat in a house and one of them passes. They have been recorded as wailing for the loss and actually searching for their lost friend.

    Elephants have also been known to show emotions when losing one of their pack. When an elephant walks past a place where one of their friends died (even years later) they will often pause for a few moments in reflection. They may also touch the remaining bones with their trunk, smelling and caressing them. Elephants have also been known to circle a fallen friend and drop branches on them when they pass, almost like a grieving ceremony.

    Here’s a pretty amazing video of grieving elephants. Sad, but truly amazing!

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    Yes, some absolutely do! It’s been believed by researchers for a while that dolphins experience a wide range of emotions, including depression and grief. Chimpanzees have been documented as showing grief, and pets are often seen grieving over the loss of loved ones.

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