Do animals communicate with body language ever?



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    Yes. In fact, most animals communicate to some degree using body language.Some examples are bees dancing when they have found nectar, chimps greeting each other by touching hands, white-tailed deer flicking their tails to show danger, elephants entertwining their trunks to show affection and many more. 

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    Animals use body language all the time!  Check out a few of these examples:

    • Fireflies illuminate their bodies so they can glow to attract mates
    • Peacocks use their big, beautiful tails (spread up and out of course) to court possible new partners during mating season
    • Elephants are known to use their trunks to communicate with each other over longer distances
    • Whales sing! (And use their songs to communicate with their partner)
    • Skunks smell! (No really.  They use their ‘special’ smell to deter possible predators)
    • Ants leave unique pheromone trails so that they can find and follow one another
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