Do anacondas eat humans?



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    The diet of an anaconda is deer, wild pigs, birds, ocelot, other snakes, tapirs, sheep, dogs, and large rodents such as paca, agouti, and capybara. I do not think they eat humans.  

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    There are uncorroborated accounts of anacondas eating humans on the web. There are an equal number of postings dismissing them as urban legends. That said, anacondas have been known to tangle with crocodiles and their various relatives. Many humans are smaller than that, so I would think that they are physically capable. The likihood of actually eating a person without the person or their friends finding a way to kill it first is much slimmer.

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    Anacondas typically do not prey on humans for food.  There are relatively few documented attacks, and most are attributed to forms of self-defense.  Anacondas are not the “human eaters” the media portrays them to be.

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