Do aminals get stressed out?



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    Yeah animals can indeed get stressed out. Domesticated animals feel the stress, “when humans get stressed, often their pets take on that stress, too. A 2004 study of stress-related illness in cats found that the biggest source of stress for domestic cats is unfriendly relationships with other cats in the house. And a 2006 study found that dogs in shelters get majorly stressed out by the excessive barking of the other dogs there. In general, the more intelligent an animal is, the more psychological stress it can undergo.
    Typically, the subordinate rhesus monkeys had a lower appetite than the dominant macaques, and ate less of their usual low-fat, high-fiber diet.
    Whereas a human might respond to stress by curling up on the couch and eating a pint of ice cream, how do animals handle the strain? Pretty much the same way, it turns out. “But when we gave them a diet more like the American diet, high in fat and sugar, what happens is the subordinates eat more,” Mark Wilson -a neuroscientist at Yerkes National Primate Research Center of Georgia’s Emory University, studies captive female rhesus macaque monkeys- told LiveScience. “It’s a comfort food. The dominant monkeys don’t eat it in excess like the subordinates.”

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