Do Americans take more prescription anti-biotics than any other country?.



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    My data is not perfectly in synch by year, but hopefully I can give you some helpful information.

    In 2009 Greece had the highest use of antibiotics among European countries monitored by the European Surveilance of AntiMicrobial Consumption or ESAC. They consumed roughly 3.2 doses per 1000 patients per day. This addes up to around 1,168,000 defined daily doses (DDD). (first link)

    In America in 2006 1,074,174 recieved at least one dose of antibiotic. Slightly less than Greece three years later. This is known as a DDD or Defined Daily Dose. DDD is how the European Surveilance of AntiMicrobial Consumption measures antibiotic intake. Since the DDD is different from drug to drug it is difficult to approach a specific number, however it is useful for benchmark purposes. (second link)

    It seems like Americans are up there with the highest users in European countries, though if America does outshadow them in antibiotics consumption it is probably not by much. On the other hand, American livestock consume roughly 4 times what the American human consumes. The same year as the “Greek” data, 2009, American humans consumed 7.3 million pounds of antibiotics. American livestock consumed 28.9 million pounds. (

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    No, South Korea consumes more prescription anti-biotics than any other country in the world with 31.44 DDD (defined daily dose) per 1000 people.  If you or anyone you know has lived in South Korea, you won’t find this too surprising.  People go to doctors in South Korea for a cold and leave the office with a huge bag of pills.  

           Out of the 34 countries surveyed, the Netherlands had the lowest use at 12.9 DDD.   The U.S. is somewhere in between, but my internet connection’s going because of a storm so I can’t open it up.  I’ll paste the link below.   

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