Do Americans know about factory farming?



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    I imagine that a good number of Americans know about factory farming, but they may not know about all the risks and brutality that goes along with it.  People in charge of factory farms want people to be in the dark about what goes on, because otherwise they would certainly lose business.  The sanitation issues which have caused deaths have been given publicity but have not changed much about factory farming practices. 

    However, (as with most everything), if one goes searching for info and answers, a lot does turn up.  One good documentary (fyi:  on streaming on Netflix!) is Food, Inc, which shows .  Many factory farms would not allow cameras into their factories, and would not give very much information about the practices.  I think that Americans do know, but they do not want to know the details.  I know that some parents don’t want their kids to go vegetarian and so do not educate them about where their food comes from (children do love animals!). 

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