Do Americans eat more meat than any other country?



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    Nope, the per capita consumption of meat in the US is not the highest for pork, poultry or beef where we are listed as 17th, 2nd and 3rd respectively.  The world’s leader in pork consumption is Denmark, Hong Kong is the leader in poultry consumption and Argentina consumes the most Beef and Veal.

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      Surely, this answer misses the point. To get a true answer, you’d need the combined totals, because the question implies a reference to the combined totals, not individual stats for different meats. And what do we mean by meat, anyway? Non-vegetable foods?

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      I actually hadn’t thought about whether per capita per animal or aggregate consumption was a better metric. However, I found greenbean’s answer very helpful as I hadn’t thought about it that way previously.

      fathertheo, as for what constitutes “meat” I have always believed that to be non-fish animals, although chicken seems to be in its own category?

      Thank you both for your inputs!

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