Do Americans eat a lot of bananas?



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    Yes. The average american eats ~100 pounds of fresh fruit per year and bananas make up ~25 pounds of that. The next three biggest components are apples (~16 pounds per year), oranges (~12 pounds per year), and grapes (~8 pounds per year). Numbers sourced from the CRB commodity year book looking at the data from 1996-2005. 

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      Wow, I would definitely say that is a lot of bananas. Thanks for your answer!

      There is one thing I’ve always wondered about the bananas that we eat in the US– how in the world can they be so inexpensive? I mean, if they are grown in South or Central America and then shipped all the way to the US (in special containers so they don’t bruise)– how can they cost less than a dollar at the store?

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      Two major factors: bananas travel very well before they’re ripe, and the transportation network that gets them from caribbean and south american farms to american super markets has been optimized over close to a century of banana imports.

      The variety of banana we eat in the states (the cavendish and before that the Gros Michael) were both selected as thick skinned bananas that travel well (and keep in mind bananas are almost always shipped while green and then allowed to ripen near where they will be sold).

      America was able to economically import 10s of million of bunches of bananas (each bunch containing more than 100 bananas) before most of us were even driving cars because the unripe bananas where being shipped by boat and train. For more details you could check out “Bananas: An American History” by Virginia Scott Jenkins, or (with apologies for linking to my own site):

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      Fascinating. I will check this out. Thanks!

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    The average for banana consumption in Uganda is about 1.33 pounds per day. Compared to the average in the U.S., this works out to about 16 times the amount of bananas.

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