Do Americans care to much about consumption to be sustainable?



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    I wouldn’t say that it is exactly consumption that is favored over sustainability. Americans are obsessed with convenience and power. Everything has to be easy to use and potent. Advertisements encourage us to try all of the options out there to see which product best accomplishes these goals. This often leads down the road to excessive consumption.

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    American’s are raised to be consumers. Our lives revolve around working so we can go in our free time to consume products from the thousands of stores only a few miles away. Or better yet a few mouse clicks away. The media is promoting products to American citizens 24/7 and the idea of changing this lifestyle to promote keeping products and making them last longer is not in the agenda for many people.

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    It is becoming harder and harder to make sweeping generalizations about Americans. The culture is changing, albeit slowly, but that is how it goes. The age of consumerism may be giving way to the age of sustainability and environmentalism. Change won’t come quickly, but as people are becoming more educated, we can start to see improvements in recycling, and reusing.

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