Do Americans believe that Obama was telling the truth during his campaign?

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    Since he was elected president I would imagine that the majority of Americans definitely believed in his ability to run the country. The others did not necessarily disbelieve him, but believed another candidate to be better qualified.

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    Obama got a lot of mileage (and ultimately won the Presidency) off of his pledge to be truthful and not take part in common, dodgy politics.
    Did Americans believe him? We certainly wanted to (I’m sure people on both sides can agree that we would all like to believe that our officials make a point to tell the truth), and I think Obama was particularly successful in it because he’s such a departure from the traditional profile of a candidate. He hasn’t been in Washington for long, so he was kind of an outsider, he was refreshingly candid on a few popular topics (“Yeah, I inhaled. That was the point.”), and so the majority of Americans were (are) willing to trust him.

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