Do celebrities always jump on the bandwagon for new things like being green?



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    Of course celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon for being green, just like the average person has. When we see a good idea, we mimmick. It’s great that celebrities have taken the initiative, as they hold a great influence among people. How wonderful it is for green celebrities to utilize their fame to change the world in such a positive manner!

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    Not always. There are still plenty of celebrities who resist conformity and jump in their personalized Range Rover or Escalade or Hummer to speed off to their next lavish party. For them, the most important bandwagon is their own celebrity status. There are a handful celebrities, however, who have shrugged off their overindulgent urges to join the green bandwagon and I congratulate them for doing so. Being so much in the public eye, celebrities have a special kind of responsibility to influence public opinion. So when people like Julia Roberts and Leonardo DiCaprio climb into their Priuses, the world takes notice.

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    This is a difficult question to answer, and would require a lot of generalizations. On average, since celebrities have to appeal to mass amounts of people and appear to always be at the forefront of trends, I’m sure many have felt that it would be in their best interest to appear as green as possible. This, however, is not to say that it is always a sham or something that they do not believe in; like for most people, the “trendiness” of being green has garnered a lot of attention, and I’m sure has helped people legitimately make the switch.

    The star system, however, is a business underneath it all. A Forbes article interviewed Aliana Marino, vice president of innovative and expansive marketing for Eco-Bags Products, who frequently deals with celebrity clientele. I think she worded it perfectly when she said that the reason many celebrities have chosen to appear more eco-friendly is that “any publicized attempt at greening allows a celebrity to show their compassionate, humanist side. It’s an excellent counterpart to the negative publicity of egoism and excess to which many celebrities fall victim.” They may simply be jumping on the bandwagon or trying to boost their image, but no matter what I do not see it hurting the cause. People follow celebrities now more than ever, and are likely to emulate their favorites. And if it gets more people educated and likely to change, then there really is no harm done.

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