Do aluminum cans ever decompose?



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    Yes, but it takes a long time. It could take an aluminum can 500 years to decompose naturally.

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    Aluminum can, technically, decompose. It takes anywhere from 200-500 years, though. Aluminum will slowly oxidize, and eventually break apart into a sort of dust.

    The crust that forms on aluminum lawn chairs is an example of extremely mild oxidation. Over hundreds of years, more and more of the metal becomes like that crust through oxidation as the aluminum decomposes.

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    It will take a very long time for aluminum cans to break down, somewhere up to 500 years. A better alternative is to recycle the cans, even if they are old and have holes in them. In some places you can actually get paid by the pound to recycle cans. This is the best option for the environment and you may even make a little cash!

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