Do aluminium cans decompose much more quickly in the sea?



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    You should not throw things into any body of water (or anywhere, for that matter). It would be dangerous to other people, the water, and the species that reside there. 500 years is the time it takes for an aluminum can to decompose. Other aluminum that people forget about, like Hershey’s Kisses wrappers and lawn chair, are also recyclable. Do your part and recycle the aluminum cans because they can be back on a store’s shelf in 90 days.

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    I agree that it would take an extremely long time for an aluminum can to decompose in the ocean, and it would be a terrible waste of aluminum. Throwing an aluminum can in the sea would add to the trash already in the ocean, and not help anything. Aluminum is one of those metals that is flexible enough to be recycled over and over, and can even have a turn around time of 60 days. It is much more worth it to throw that can into the recycling bin rather than any ocean.

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