Do alligators eat frogs?



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    Yes they do, especially when they are younger and just beginning to eat fish, snakes, and other creatures as well.

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    Yes, when alligators grow older they feed on frogs, snakes, and fish. When they are younger, however, they eat insects and freshwater shrimp. Older adult alligators mainly eat fish but will catch muskrats and small mammals, as well as a certain amount of waterfowl. The larger alligators may occasionally eat large mammals such as deer or cows.

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    Alligators will basically eat anything that they can catch. Frogs don’t really help an alligator feel full, so bigger gators tend to go after bigger food. But, young gators like the little frogs! Alligators eat things like fish, turtles, small mammals, deer and larger mammals (occasionally), and those frogs and other reptiles.

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