Do alligators care for their young at all?



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    Yes, after females have laid their eggs they proceed to guard their nest from other alligators. Once the eggs are ready to hatch, the newborn young will make “chirping” noises from inside, and their mother will dig the eggs out of the ground to help them to water. Mother gators are “very protective of offspring,” and their young may stay with them for up to two years.

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    Alligators are apparently more protective of their young than any other reptile. Young alligators depend so much on their mothers, that if the mothers are removed, leaving the babies behind, they likely will not survive, according to the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory. Male alligators will sometimes try to eat the young, but the mothers will fervently protect them for a year or more–when the babies are in danger, the mother will grunt, and the baby alligators will sometimes hide in their mother’s mouth. The mother also digs holes for them to rest/hibernate in during the winter.

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