Do all types of vitamins yield positive effects?



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    All people need the 13 essential vitamins in order to function (these vitamins are listed in the website below), and so, yes, all such vitamins have positive effects. However, some vitamins are poisonous in very high amounts, and it is possible to “overdose” on certain vitamins. So don’t just go munching on the vitamin C tablets! Only take as much as you need/as much as your health practitioner has suggested.

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    Some studies have shown that some vitamins may yield negative effects as well. Vitamin E and C may actually raise the level of bad cholesterol you have. We still need these vitamins though, just only the necessary amount.

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    Dietary supplements like B12, etc. are very concentrated.


    For instance:


    The energy boost additive at jamba juice is a mixture of vitamins and nutrients, including b12.  A similar B-complex vitamin can be found at your local health store.  The amount of B-12 in a B-complex is 6 mcg, while pure B-12 vitamins are 1,000 mcg.  the % daily value  of the pure B-12 is 1,667% (in just one tablet) …. these levels can lead to toxicity in the bloodstream. 

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