Do all birds swoop down at you if you get to close to their nests?



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    Many birds are very aggressive and territorial, however I lived in NY for about two years, and the pigeons there would flock towards people as they knew food was soon to follow…They would not attack you if you cam close to their nests. Similarly, I grew up on a ranch and many little black birds would make nests around my house and the pole-barn out in my backyard, and they also never swooped down at my family members or I.

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    The only time I was accosted by a bird was when a crow had built a nest half a block away from my apartment. The crazy thing was that it would attack me and my other female roommate of similar appearance, but never bothered our male roommates.

    We have learned since that crows actually hold grudges. These birds were apparently wronged in some way by a girl who looked like me, and continually attacked brunette girls for the rest of the summer.

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