Do all snakes have teeth?



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    All snakes, even non-poisonous ones, have teeth. Snake’s teeth point backwards, which helps them to grip their prey. There are three different types of teeth a snake can have, depending on how they capture and kill prey. They are:

    -Constrictor teeth
    -Groove fanged
    -Hollow fanged

    All non-poisonous snakes have constrictor teeth, even if they do not actually constrict their prey. Poisonous snakes have either grooved fangs or hollow fangs.

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    There is at least one species of snake which does not have teeth, at least not in the traditional sense. This is the African Egg-Eating Snake, which, as the name suggests, feeds solely on eggs. They do have “teeth-like projections” in the back of the mouth to help break the eggs they eat, but these are not generally considered teeth. They are known for having a generally calm disposition, though they will attempt to bite in order to scare off potential threats.

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