Do all sea turtles live a long time?



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    Each individual sea turtle won’t survive to live a long life, due to the threats of predators, like birds and fish, and people, including capture for human consumption and habitat destruction. As reported by the organization SEE Turtles, it as been predicted that only 1 out of every 1,000 baby sea turtles will survive to the adult age.

    Also according to SEE Turtles, scientists believe that the life span of sea turtles is about a century; no distinction between life expectancy of different sea turtle species was mentioned. SEE Turtles did note that the age at which sexual maturity is reach ranges between 10 and 50 years. Marine biologists still have research to conduct, involving turtle tracking, to form a better understanding of the turtle lifetime.

    Different sea turtle species are the Leatherback, Green, Loggerhead, Hawksbill, Olive Ridley, Kemp’s Ridley, and Flatback.

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    While the lifespan of sea turtles isn’t definitively known, it is estimated that Green Sea Turtles mature sexually at the age of 25 years and can live an estimated 80 years. Adults can weigh 200-400 lbs. The long maturation time of sea turtles is important to know for conservation efforts and the length of time it can take a colony to repopulate.

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