Do all schools have recycling programs in place?



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    Many do. It’s routine now for schools to offer recycle-only bins, and teachers are told to encourage students (especially younger ones) to use the proper bin for their trash. Some schools may offer week-long programs, which are usually state government-funded, and have speakers come to talk to students and talk about the importance of recycling. They’ll show fun, educational movies and maybe take them to a park/beach for a couple hours of garbage clean-up. When I was in 5th grade, my school took the kids to the bay beach and we each had a garbage can to pick up litter (wearing gloves, of course).

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    There are still many schools that do not offer recycling. Enough, at least, where I would consider it still a problem. I tutor and teach SAT Prep at a number of schools in the Boston-area and I’ve been astounded by the fact that a lot of the schools don’t have recycling and the lack of awareness that the students have with environmental sustainability. Many of the youth growing up today do have a greater respect for the environment, but there is still a gap that needs to be bridged for many other students.

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