Do all plants need water to grow?



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    Yes. Water is essential to all life on earth, plants included. There are plants that can live and grow on little water, but they regardless need water to live.

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    Yes, all plants need a certain amount of water to grow – some need it consistently; others, like cacti, just need it once in a while.

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    Ethan’s answer is absolutely true: every plant has different water demands, but it’s a universal requirement for growth and survival. While photosynthesis is mainly a result of sunlight, water is a critical component as well. Additionally, water carries nutrients to different regions of the plant – for instance, nutrients produced in the leaves needs to be transported down to the roots, and water serves as that carrier.

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    While all plants do eventually need water (as all stated above) some are a little more sensitive to the idea of water consumption. While you would assume watering your plants every day would cause them to grow healthy and strong, water can actually have the reverse effect on some plants.

    For example, Orchids. These are very senstive little plants and really need to be kept on a strict water diet. It really just depends on the plant itself. Water is always good but too much can cause unwanted damage.

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    Other plants that require little water are: cosmos, periwinkle, gazania, snap dragon, alyssum, California popies, Dahlberg daisies, petunias, statice, verbena, salvia, globe amaranth, foxglove, dusty miller, marigold, nasturtium, zinnia, sunflower, geranium, calendula, cockscomb, day lily, coneflowers, stonecrop, columbine, shasta daisy, gerbera daisy, bluebeard, chrysantheum, baby’s breath, yarrow, salvia, lamb’s ear, hosta, goldenrod, bee balm, black-eyed susans, forsythia, butterfly bush, boxwood, camellia, dogwood, yew, honeysuckle, gardenia, jasmine, lavender, privet, pittosporum, azalea, mock orange, lilac, flowering quince, and currants.

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