do all our planets rotate the same way?



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    With the exception of Uranus and Venus, every planet in our solar system rotates counter-clockwise.

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    Most planets in our solar system, including Earth, spin in the same direction as they orbit the Sun. The exceptions are Venus and Uranus. Uranus rotates nearly on its side relative to its orbit. Current speculation is that Uranus started off with a typical prograde orientation and was knocked on its side by a large impact early in its history. Venus may be thought of as rotating slowly backwards (or being “upside down”). The dwarf planet Pluto (formerly considered a planet) is anomalous in this and other ways.

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    As mentioned, Venus and Uranus do not follow suit with the other planets in their rotation. Uranus rotates from north to south rather than east to west like Earth, although its “north and south poles” sit in a different orientation than ours. One of Uranus’ poles points almost directly towards the Sun, and the planets orientation can be seen from its 10 thin outer rings that run perpendicular to its orbit. Venus rotates “backwards,” in that it rotates west to east, respectively. 

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