Do all the other planets spin like the earth?



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    Yes!  When our solar system first formed, it was from spinning matter.  If the matter wasn’t spinning, it wouldn’t have been able to hold an orbital position, and therefore wouldn’t have had the potential of becoming a planet at all. Over time, the matter has componded and collected to create gigantic planets, and it has remained in motion. The speeds of the other planets in our solar system are listed below.

    The planet makes one full rotation in:

    • Mercury – 88 Earth days
    • Venus – 243 Earth Days
    • Mars – 24 hours (1 solar day)
    • Saturn – 10 hours 30 minutes
    • Uranus – 17 hours 14 minutes, rotates on it’s side.
    • Jupiter – 12 Earth years.
    • Neptune – 16 hours and 7 minutes.
    • Pluto – 6 days


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    Yes, they do, but they each spin at different speeds and they each have a larger or smaller path they take around earth. Hope this helps! 😀

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    Most planets in our solar system rotate in the same direction that they revolve around the sun. Uranus, which is tipped on its side, rotates in the opposite direction that it revolves around the sun.

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