Do all objects fall at the same rate?



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    No, because of things like air resistance, a feather will not fall at the same rate as a bowling ball. However, assuming no air resistance, all objects fall at the same rate, and their velocity depends on how far they have fallen, not on their weight. 

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    According to the laws of gravity, all objects, regardless of mass, fall at the same rate because the same force is acting upon the equally. On Earth, gravity measures 9.8 m/s2 and if you drop two objects from the same height, they will fall at the same rate. However, there are 2 exceptions to this rule. When an object presents resistance to gravity through aerodynamic design, its fall can be altered. This is the case with a feather or a piece of paper, they fall oddly because their shapes allow them to cut through the air. The second is a concept called terminal velocity, which states that due to drag, an object cannot continue to accelerate during a fall and must reach a maximum speed. this usually does not matter though as it takes a very long fall for most objects to reach terminal velocity.

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