do all energy sources derive their energy from the sun? draw an energy flow diagram to show how those energy sources that derive their energy from the sun can really be traced back to the sun



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    My artistic abilities seriously lack skill, creativity, coordination, etc. so I will not grace you with any of my stick drawings. Sorry.

    In essence, all weather patterns on earth are driven by the sun, so that includes solar (guess that was obvious), wind, waves, etc. Coal and petroleum involve decomposition and other processes that include solar activity.

    I can think of two energy sources that do not include solar energy at all. The first would be nuclear power (although the sun is itself a fusion reactor), and the second would be the capture of magnetic fields surrounding the earth, the way a Tesla coil does. However, I don’t know of any commercial enterprises who are using Tesla coils to harness electricity for commerical use.

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    Another non-solar power source would be geothermal, whose heat tends to be lingering from planet formation, or from the decay of radioactive substances. The sun isn’t powering that.

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