Do all cameras contain lead?



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    Many new cameras that are being developed are being done so with fewer lead components. Nikon and Olympus cameras are among these trying to adopt more environmentally friendly production. However, right now there are technical limitations to what can and cannot be used to build a functional camera.

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    Today, there are a few more options for eco-friendly cameras where lead is no longer used.

    Canon, is using eco-friendly materials to manufacture a disposable camera that is made from recycling dead mobile parts. It reuses the phones’ LCD panels. The product will later try to incorporate used recycled materials to make lens and other camera parts too. This is an 8 megapixel camera that clicks great shots in different kinds of lighting. Soon, this eco-friendly product might be made from 100% recycled materials.  

    Another product is a compact camcorder, by Chinavision, that comes with a rechargeable battery that uses solar power. The flip up section has solar panels that can charge the battery every time it’s exposed to sunlight. This small and compact camcorder is the world’s first HD camcorder to use dual solar panels for charging. The product efficiently uses a 12 MP image sensor and records high definition videos in 720×480 pixel resolution. The batteries are usable for 12 minutes for every hour the solar panels are kept in sunlight.

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