Do all birds migrate?



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    Although some birds are known for migrating great distances, like the swallow who goes from Europe all the way to Africa, not all birds migrate. In fact, almost 60% of the world’s birds do not migrate. An example would be the toucan, who does not need to migrate since the toucan lives in a tropical region already. Most migrants go south to escape the cold, but birds in tropical areas, or those who are capable of adapting to the cold, do not need to migrate in order to stay warm.

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    <p>Migration is defined as the seasonal movement of birds, north in the  spring from the wintering grounds and southward in the fall from the  breeding grounds.&nbsp; Among the birds that are resident, or do not migrate,  are many grouse, ptarmigan, and quail species, many owl species,  pileated, red-bellied, downy, and hairy woodpeckers, white-breasted  nuthatch, Carolina wren, northern cardinal, wrentit, ring-necked  pheasant, Townsend’s solitaire, common raven, gray jay, and northern  mockingbird.

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    Not all birds migrate. Migration is a process in which takes a lot of energy and is very dangerous for the birds. During migration birds are forced to fly through unfamiliar territory in which endangers their lives. Many die along the way. The main reason why birds migrate is because of food. For example, If all the birds stayed south in the summer then they would have to compete with other birds for a limited amount of food. By traveling north in the summer, birds will find other habitats with fewer competition.

    Birds prepare for migration by storing up to 50%  of the bird’s body weight , the extra body fat needed to give them energy. Most birds stop during their travels to eat but they still need the stored fat for energy and just in case they cannot find food. Birds find their way by using the Earth’s magnetic field, by using the stars and land fields to help them navigate.

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