Do all bees make honey?



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    No, only those in the genus Apis and a handful of others, out of more than 20,000 species.

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    No. Bees can be broken down into three categories for the purpose of this question: Honeybees that make the honey we eat, other bees that make honey but not the type we eat, and solitary bees that don’t make honey at all, like the eastern carpenter bee, alfalfa leafcutter bee, and the hornfaced bee. 

    There are three types of Honeybees, and only one makes the honey. First you have the queen bee, who’s sole purpose is to populate the hive. Next you have the drones, which are the male bees that mate with the queen. Third, you have the worker bees (all female) who make the honey. Their tasks include building the honeycomb, cleaning the hive, and collecting the food. 

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